Hi, I’m Elisa. I’m a mom, yoga teacher, and life coach.

Yogelisa is my yogi alter-ego, the name I chose after finishing teacher training in 2012. I started a yoga blog, and published some articles on MindBodyGreen and Elephant Journal. I wasn’t sure about teaching in studios. I kept practicing at home every day.

Then came March 2020.

Yogelisa has morphed into a virtual studio, from which I teach online and offer support to all who want to cultivate their own home practice.

There has never been a better time to do yoga at home!

Now more than ever, we all need a refuge where, through breath and movement, we can return to the calm center of our self.

The more chaos there is in the outside world, the more we need to turn inward.

And from that place of steady wisdom, we can transform first ourselves, then the world.

Let’s practice together.