Yes, You Can Start (and Sustain!) A Home Yoga Practice

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This was my very first blog post; it appeared on mindbodygreen in 2013. Going to a yoga class is a great opportunity to learn from a teacher and to be in community. It also doesn’t require much initiative–you get a place to be and a time to be there, and someone telling you what to […]

Bathtub Yoga

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Yes!  You can do yoga in the bathtub! Warning:  the tub is not the best place for your standing poses.  In fact, PLEASE do not do any standing poses (or inversions!!) in a full bathtub at all.  And of course you must exercise caution even still; the tub is a slippery spot. I will confess–there […]

Are You Getting Too Big For Your Britches?

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Bazinga!  This will not be about how yoga makes you lose weight, because I don’t believe it necessarily does (see last week’s post on yoga as adaptogen). I have had more meat on my bones than ever before since I started practicing yoga.  Maybe that’s the yoga; maybe it’s just because I am over 40 […]

Creating Space for a Home Yoga Practice

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Bedroom Yoga Sanctuary I practice yoga six days a week, mostly at home.  I go to class about once per week.  There is a space at the foot of the bed that is just big enough for my mat.   There is a cabinet for my props.  There is a blank patch of wall for […]