Anti-Racism as a Spiritual Practice

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We were just maybe starting to get used to the “new normal” of this pandemic that has swept across the globe like some cosmic searchlight beaming ruthlessly into every hidden corner of what has remained unhealed in individuals, families, societies, the planet itself. Then a black man bought a pack of cigarettes at a convenience […]

Yes, You Can Start (and Sustain!) A Home Yoga Practice

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This was my very first blog post; it appeared on mindbodygreen in 2013. Going to a yoga class is a great opportunity to learn from a teacher and to be in community. It also doesn’t require much initiative–you get a place to be and a time to be there, and someone telling you what to […]

Bathtub Yoga

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Yes!  You can do yoga in the bathtub! Warning:  the tub is not the best place for your standing poses.  In fact, PLEASE do not do any standing poses (or inversions!!) in a full bathtub at all.  And of course you must exercise caution even still; the tub is a slippery spot. I will confess–there […]

Are You Getting Too Big For Your Britches?

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Bazinga!  This will not be about how yoga makes you lose weight, because I don’t believe it necessarily does (see last week’s post on yoga as adaptogen). I have had more meat on my bones than ever before since I started practicing yoga.  Maybe that’s the yoga; maybe it’s just because I am over 40 […]

Creating Space for a Home Yoga Practice

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Bedroom Yoga Sanctuary I practice yoga six days a week, mostly at home.  I go to class about once per week.  There is a space at the foot of the bed that is just big enough for my mat.   There is a cabinet for my props.  There is a blank patch of wall for […]